Theory of Constraints – Clearing the Critical Path

How do you improve a system?

One approach is to use the “Theory of Constraints” (Thanks Rick Lindquist) – identify where the biggest bottleneck is in your system and remove it.

I will say this seems to be classic project management.

  1. Identify items on your critical path (the sequence of activities that are driving your schedule / have no slack)
  2. Look for opportunities to modify or remove those activities to get them off of your critical path.
  3. (Lather rinse repeat)

Time, Dollars, Resources – how do we get the most out of them?

  • Improving a process step can make it more/better/faster.
  • It is also worth considering whether you should restructure the entire system to improve its flow.

… and asking whether “more better faster” is what is actually important.


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