Real High School Diplomas for All Students

While it is great seeing so many parents here fighting for access to higher mathematics, I’m here asking for Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) to bother to teach my son to add.

There are around 60 to 90 specific common core standards for each grade in elementary school which get turned into the 30 to 40 criteria reported in a standard report card.

In my son’s latest draft Individualized Education Program from the district, we don’t get a report card and the district proposed just 3 common core standards.

3 out of 60 to 90 standards.

They aren’t even trying to provide a real education.

Basically, PAUSD put my son on the “no high school diploma” track last year in the Second grade

This is the opposite of what is supposed to be happening in California with The Alternate Pathways to a High School Diploma.

Palo Alto needs to change course to meet these goals and do what is right for its students who face the most challenges.


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