If you would like to connect with other special education / 504 plan / disabled / disability-related families and individuals or find the information you need, that is what I’m trying to build here.

1. Connect

On Wednesdays during the school year (and more), I’m at Ada’s next to the Palo Alto Library at 8:30-ish.

3700 Middlefield Rd, Adjacent to the Library, Palo Alto, CA 94303-4714

You can send me a text or voicemail at anytime:

  • +1.650.539.4884

Or fill out the form below.

(If there is any sort of information, resource, or other -whatever- that you’d like to share, the form is a great way to share it with me – Thank you!)

if there is enough interest, I’ll start some sort of newsletter. Otherwise, I’ll just reach out when there is something that I think you might be interested in or find helpful.

…. and if you aren’t interested, that’s fine too.

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2. Resources

I’ve pulled together a lot of information that I’ve found and pulled it together so you can find things (more) easily. This is one of the biggest challenges I’ve had with anything related to disabiltiy and special education since becoming part of this “world” in 2016.

If you’ve got anything to add, let me know!

Other California Special Education Resources

Palo Alto Special Education Data

2.1 Color Commentary

I often show up at the Palo Alto School Board meetings to keep Special Education and Disability issues on the agenda (as it isn’t there very often). Here are some of the highlights and other relevant things I’ve written.

(starting in the Fall of 2021 when we moved to Palo Alto)

  • Palo Alto Unified School District Special Education Metrics

    Question – is PAUSD under-identifying SWD Issue – data is not available on students who only have 504 plans This is depressing across the board. There is a substantial excess number of SWD absentee students. This number usually surprises people by how high it is. The proportion of SWD suspensions vs. total suspensions is appalling… … continue reading