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Right to Repair Wheelchairs – Letter to the Colorado Legislature

Help the wheelchair users of Colorado (and elsewhere in the US) reclaim their right to repair their own wheelchairs by signing this letter to the Colorado Legislature.


There are more than 2 million wheelchair users in the US. Today, if they want to get their chairs fixed when they break, they have to go through the maintenance department of the company that built the chair.

Many wheelchair users’ livelihoods and lives depend on their chairs working properly.

While you can go to any car repair shop to get your car fixed, with a wheelchair, you have to work through the company’s maintenance department – which can be very slow and very unreliable (read more about MyChairMyRepair).

… and, if you dare to go elsewhere, you may void the warranties on your wheelchair – a serious threat as some wheelchairs cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Colorado’s Right to Repair Your Wheelchair law is the first in the US and will give Colorado residents the right to get their wheelchairs fixed when they want by who they want at a competitive price (the free market at work).

The Letter

Senator Zenzinger, Representative Titone, and Representative Ortiz

Thank you for introducing the Right to Repair Wheelchairs Bill (House Bill 22-1031) into both houses of the Colorado State Legislature. It reflects well on you and the state of Colorado that you are the first state in the US to introduce such legislation and we look forward to its prompt passage.

We are proud to support your efforts to protect the rights of the wheelchair users of Colorado to be able to choose who, when, and where their wheelchairs will be repaired – just as we can for our cars and many other products.

The livelihoods and lives of many wheelchair users depend on the operation of their wheelchairs. Today, they are trapped by license agreements that prevent them from choosing who will fix their wheelchairs and, even worse, that their chairs will be fixed in a timely manner.

This bill will help ensure that the free market continues to work so that wheelchair manufacturers cannot stop people who have purchased their products from getting them fixed when they need to without concern that they may void their warranty.

We wholeheartedly support your efforts on behalf of the citizens of Colorado and that could have benefits for wheelchair users in the United States and beyond.

Thank you.

You can sign two ways

1. Just fill out this form and we’ll add your name to our letter and follow along as we work to get the Right to Repair Wheelchairs bill passed (first in Colorado).

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2. Feel free to cut and paste and use this letter to contact state Representatives and Senators in Colorado.

… Next Steps

  1. Please consider sharing this letter on social media and emailing to at least one person directly. Your voice really matters in our Democracy.
  2. If you don’t live in Colorado, contact your state representatives to persuade them to introduce similar legislation in your state (or country).
  3. … or do both.
  4. You can also schedule a meeting with your representatives. Your investment in time can make a big difference.


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