Minimum Viable System – What’s in a Name?

What is the minimum viable system? Tyler King wrote The best process is to not have one arguing that you don’t have to have a process.. yet, his process for Employee Onboarding was in place, just very simple – sit with the employee for a week (or vice versa).

Having worked for large companies whose employee onboarding processes have ranged from:

Here’s your desk.


Welcome to our 2 week “Introduction to Company XXX” course.

Systems and processes can be all over the map.

Perhaps the “minimum viable system” is simply naming the system – Employee Onboarding, in our example… when you hire someone, be intentional about how you bring them into the company. Maybe it is having them sit with the boss for a week or rotate through the company’s departments, or just a short discussion about “This is us”…but the idea of simply answering the question about Employee Onboarding is enough.

I know when I read Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited” – I hadn’t really thought about “customer onboarding” as a thing. Once named, it makes total sense. I can’t unsee it or not consider my onboarding (and “off boarding”) processes for my business.

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