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Ending the Evusheld “Hunger Games”

Secretary Beccara –

As 1 of the 7 million immunocompromised people living in the U.S., I am appalled at the hoops I am having to jump through to try to get my Evusheld injections.

Having been in my home now for almost 2 years, without going to the grocery store, seeing my friends in person, changing my job to my home, and not visiting restaurants, sporting events, or any of my other usual “life” activities, things are getting pretty old.

Laurie Stein is a life coach and lives in Dallas, Texas.

I am quite shocked at how long it has taken for this country to come up with some sort of treatment for the most vulnerable population to be able to move around outside the “bubble” of our homes.

I don’t feel like a human, I feel like a dog in a crate.

And now, I’m having to participate in a “Hunger Games” type of scenario to try to get this Evusheld injection which I hope will work to protect me from this virus.

How ridiculous we look as a country; this is not leadership and I do not feel proud.

I do not align myself with any political party, and I have lost faith in what our government can do. It’s a very sad and desperate time to see what is happening with the leaders of my city, my state, and my country.

I used to see my country as the world leader, no longer. And as someone who has traveled and lived outside of the U.S., I used to be proud to come home to my home base.

This has been an embarrassing time, and to watch how this pandemic has been handled, not to mention, how the immunocompromised people have been completely “forgotten” has been an ugly movie to watch.

My disappointment can not be put into words. And as I advocate and tirelessly work for myself and my health and my Evusheld injections, I worry about all of those other 6 million people who don’t even know how to begin to advocate for themselves and their health.

What a disaster!

I feel invisible, and I hope the leadership is ashamed of themselves.

Laurie Stein

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