Disability News Wire Enters Open Beta Testing

Disability News Wire has entered beta testing with an early release of its Internet wire service for the Disability Community.

Our goal is to bring together the many, diverse voices of the disability community to make it easier for users to find articles, resources, and stories about and from the disability community and easier for disabled creators to be found by their audience.

Disability News Wire is starting with podcasts and video channels as well as blog posts from individuals and disability community not-for-profits.

We hope to add connections to traditional media articles that focus on disability issues and the stories of disabled individuals. There is a lot of great material out there, but it is scattered. By bringing these resources together, we hope everyone will benefit.

Visit Disability News Wire to see what is available and suggest additional content and improvements to this new service.

Disability News Wire is a project of Disability Media Wire.

Contact: Steven B. Davis – moc.eriwaidemytilibasidobfsctd@evets

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