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Nationally, between 20 and 25 percent of the residents of the US are disabled.

54 million Americans.

Enough to make a difference in almost any local election

This is a substantial body of voters and people who care passionately about how our community treats and serves their children and the disabled adults they will become.

Join us and help make things much better – starting today.

How will this work?

(it is up to the founders of course)… The goal of this organization is to have a meaningful impact on policy to make things better for disabled adults and children with disabilities. That means engaging with the political system. There are two ways to set this organization up to start here in Santa Clara County:

  • As an independent 501c4 or similar organization
    • This has the advantage of being independent… which can’t be ignored. It is the path that has been taken by groups like AARP, the Sierra Club, and others.
  • Affiliate with the Democratic Party of Santa Clara County as a “club”
    • This has the advantage of immediately tapping into a larger political entity, having a ready pool of potential allies and partners, and an infrastructure for endorsements and action. Practically, none of the other political parties in Santa Clara County have nearly the impact of the Democratic Party. I will note, sadly, that there does not seem to be any “Disability Caucuses” and only one club within the Republican party as of mid-2024.

Either way we organize, we will welcome everyone as members (there are some limitations that being affiliated with a political party impose, but independent and non-voters can be part of the organization as I understand things).

Disability touches everyone and it is the only minority group that anyone can, and likely will at some point during their life, be a member of by birth, age, accident, or illness.

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If you aren’t ready to join, but curious about what we are doing or simply want to show up to one of our events, you can join our newsletter and stay up-to-date. We have weekly meetings during the school year in Palo Alto – and we’ll add more meetings and more locations as we grow (if you want to host an event or be a guest… fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page).

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