Competitive Salaries Aren’t

Who offers “competitive salaries”?

As a (potential) employee… I sure don’t want one (or didn’t back when I was a potential employee).

I want a vastly, non-competitive, superior salary that reflects the vastly non-competitive, superior job that I plan to do.

… and I don’t think you want to offer “competitive salaries” as an employer either.

(at least more often than too many people think).

At best you get what you pay for

The offer of a competitive salary is an offer of an “average” salary.

It is a term for Human Resources (HR) people to use to justify their continued misuse as a hiring filter.

If you want an excellent employee who is going to offer value to your company (“even” if it is as a stock clerk or a customer support person) by caring about your customers (hence improve your customer retention), minimize breakage (reducing costs), improving your processes (pretty much everyone),… CARING.. you should plan to offer a superior salary… as a start.

… and continue with a excellent work environment.

At best you get what you pay for.

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