Census and Disability

Participation in the 2020 census by people with disabilities and older adults will help make sure that our communities receive their rightful share of federal resources and that we are fairly represented in Congress.

Census data determines the distribution of:

  • More than $14 billion in Title I grants that help schools serve more than 24 million students from low-income families

  • $11.3 billion in special education grants to states

  • About $13.6 billion for the National School Lunch Program

  • Funds for the Head Start preschool program and grants to improve teacher quality

… and more.

Do you have questions about why the 2020 Census matters to disabled people and older adults? Privacy concerns? Or questions about how the 2020 Census will be accessible?

DREDF, DO Network, and Rooted in Rights partnered to produce three videos to answer all these questions. Watch in English, ASL, or Spanish.

The ARC also has a Census 2020 resource page.

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