Alliance for college for students with autism and intellectual disabilities

ThinkCollege is coordinating a network of regional alliances for college for autistic students and students with intellectual disabilities. Articles:


Disabled Veterans Guide

Discrimination, Other Barriers, And Resources Disabled veterans, or those facing debilitating illness or injury post-combat, may face great challenges when they return home — challenges beyond the scope of their injuries. These could include barriers to adequate treatment, discrimination in the civilian world, lack of access to resources, and more. In the United States in…

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How to buy hearing aids

How do you buy hearing aids? We’re taking a week off of our deep dive into special education metrics started in episode 10 and talking about something super specific… is it a disability rights topic? I think so. In its small way, it shows how our crazy healthcare system works for disabilities. Buying hearing aids…

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Special Education by the Numbers

In 1954 Darrel Huff “How to Lie with Statistics”. You may have heard of it. What you may not know is that from the 1950s onward, Darrel Huff spent the rest of his career working for the tobacco lobby ridiculing the link between smoking and health problems. Kind of makes you look at the book…

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What is the Social Model of Disability

(in 14 seconds and why it matters) What is the social model of disability? I’ll explain it in 14 seconds. It is a pretty short period of time. 14 seconds. Less than a quarter of a minute. Could you wait 14 seconds to give someone a chance to talk or respond to a question? It…

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Separate is Not Equal – Towards Disability Rights 2.0

30 years ago, disability rights advocates crawled up the steps of the US Capitol to demonstrate to everyone how inaccessible the US is. Their fight was to get the Americans with Disabilities Act passed, and they succeeded. The ADA turned 30 last week. But, today, those steps are no more accessible than they were. All…