Building a product empire online

Nathan Berry gave a presentation at Microconf in 2014 on “Buildng a Product Empire”. It has a lot of great business ideas that work best together as a system. Some of these need to be broken out as systems in their own right.

  1. Start small (actually, don’t start big)… start with something you can finish quickly and start selling
  2. Work in public (online)… writing things down helps you think, working publicly creates accountability, working publicly naturally builds an audience
  3. Ship… sell stuff (most likely they won’t sell much, get started, learn to sell, try again – lather rinse repeat)
  4. (1000 words a day) – build habits of work (which means shipping). In Yoda-speak “Don’t think, Do”
  5. Make your product (even a little) better every day – relentless improvement, relentless progress. Leads to better products, and keeps you motivated with progress (Start Small and Ship within an existing product)
  6. Pick and stick with a niche (multiple products, one audience..or lots of overlap). This is a common complaint from serial entrepreneurs where they have bounced around different markets for different audiences. Basically, you are starting from zero each time. This is where the “personal brand” actually works where you can have a core audience for “you”… but it is limited.
  7. Product suite empire (shared audience). See “pick a niche” above.
  8. Testing the market for low-priced products – Start with a landing page (for a book or other information product)..1 in 20 who sign up will order.
  9. Testing the market for higher-priced products – Pre-order for SAS (test the market)



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