Bootstrapper Ratio – Marketing vs. Building

What is the balance of marketing to building you need for a bootstrapped business?

Some recent numbers for early bootstrappers are: 50/50

… or “pre-sell” before you build.


  • Do you have any potential customers at all?
  • How hard will it be to get to “something sell-able”?
  • What is sell-able? (actual PAIN vs comPlAIN)

If you have an audience, you can “sell” to them.

.. or you can “test market” with a sales page (buy ads to run an experiment).

… or actually contact individual potential customers.

For an “info product”, the cost to develop the initial product may be so low, that you just build it… then market it.

For a “big product”, you may focus on deep “pre-selling”.

How many sales do you need for the product to be viable?… what is “viable” (something we may need a lot more clarity on!)

What is the marginal cost for each additional product/service?

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