A Free Course For Special Education Parents

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Free Quick Start Course to help you have a Better IEP

WHAT you can do (for your child’s IEP) and WHY you may want to do it.

This free, short, no-obligation email course will give you a head start to getting control of your child’s special education program. I’m not a lawyer or advocate, just a fellow parent who wants to pay it forward for those who helped me.
(and doesn’t want ANYONE to have to sit through yet another “IEP 101” session!)

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..every week while school is in session, I meet other parents at our local cafe and talk about disability and special education. Often, the parents I meet have just started their journey … this is a nicer, email version of the “firehose” of information that I share.

What will we cover?

Your IEP strategy is about getting as much success as possible for your child and your family. It isn’t just about what happens in school.

  • What is an IEP (really)… and what it isn’t
  • Your education strategy
  • Meeting strategy 1- should I record the meeting?
  • Meeting strategy 2 – signing the IEP agreement
  • Services outside of School (and why they matter)
  • Services outside of school 1 – health insurance
  • Services outside of school 2 – state services
  • Financial planning you should start now
  • Connecting with your community – you are not alone
  • Paying it forward

Other programs

My goal is to provide everything that I’ve learned (and will learn) about disability and special education to you.

I also offer affordable and premium consulting and training services with scholarships available. If you would like to help make these resources more available those most in need, let’s talk.

How can I help you?

DL360 In-Depth Parent Training

IEP Operating System for Schools and School Districts

Advisory Services, Scholarships, and Educational Sponsorships