Being Elderly, Systems no one is likely to ever fix – Part 1

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… the newsletters are doing OK… my other work is being stalled by moving… and LIFE STUFF…

Being Elderly

My parents are quite elderly and frail. There is no getting around it.

They are well past those velour- track-suited days of senior citizen fun and onward into frailty.

They sold their house earlier this year and have been living in an Assisted Living Facility for 20 months now.

It has been challenging for a couple of years (right after they moved in, there was an outbreak causing a lockdown and then there was THE OUTBREAK that caused another) and now we’re having a bit of a crisis this week.

We’ll see how it goes.

I want to help yet can actually “do” little to help…

… but, I’m doing what I can.

NOTE: I strongly recommend the book, Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande (his other books are quite worthwhile as well, Checklist Manifesto and Better. Better was a real inspiration for me)… for you and your parents if they are still living.

The book is divided into two parts which I would characterize as “Aging Well” and “Dying Well”.

“Being Elderly” is an awkward stage between the two that isn’t covered well (again, the book is very good)…. and that is where we are at.

Moving is a PITA

While I couldn’t focus on work, I did get a lot of packing done.

And then, there was that “other” part of moving…

I had the delightful task of “moving” us with the phone company, cable company, post office, insurance, schools, electric company, magazines, voting registration, multiple mortgage companies and banks thanks to our investments … it is a long lits of people to tell exactly the same information to.

This screams for a better process.

And then, thanks to our under-funding of our post office, they outsource some moving related services to some darn company that proceeds to market a bunch of (STUFF) to me.


​Systems Collection

I did add 4 more entries to my systems collection this week. One was a bit of a rant on the whole idea of “competitive salaries“, I also riffed on the “Theory of Constraints” inspired by Rick Lindquist’s newsletter. You can check them out, but I’d really love more system suggestions.

This week’s episode of the What Works podcast had an episode that I have to really chew on. They discussed the a number of issues related to power, employees, and perhaps what we are doing when we build a business beyond just generating money and delivering products and services.

Games & Disability

Not much on my “game biz” this week or disability activism (though I’ve added some more “to dos’ in there.


I listened to a Microconf episode where the developer VERY CAREFULLY decided to NOT learn a new language for their SAS project.

I have to say, it made me think.

My level of skill with Java (and PHP and Javascript) is… just OK… and very dusty.

Also, programming isn’t on my critical path.

In the short term, I’m living in the world of WordPress.

What are your thoughts?

Back to packing

All my best.


PS – I’ve been using WordPress for a long time. It seems to be a great “No Code” platform, but at less cost and with more flexibility than many of the newer versions of this strategy…is WordPress just too boring?

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