5 COVID Vaccines and No Immunity

My husband was treated with Rituximab this winter for a rare B-cell lymphoma. He has had 5 vaccines (2 before his treatment and 3 in the months following) and still has no neutralizing antibodies to the COVID virus. We have been tracking Evusheld since summer, and we were extremely excited when it was approved on Dec 8 by the FDA. Our hope has turned to despair, as we have realized that the federal government has made no effort to purchase more than their original contract of 700,000 doses – for 7 million immune-compromised people in the U.S.! Our state has done a terrific job of ordering and distributing doses, and the major medical center where my husband receives treatment has done a marvelous job of communication about their prioritization strategy. They have only received 96 doses thus far, and still don’t know when my husband will be eligible for a dose. We fear his number won’t come up before the current stock is depleted. The big story: Why isn’t the federal government buying enough Evusheld for the most vulnerable people in America?

Martha Gershun

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