4 types of workers in a company

Expanded from a podcast episode by Rob Walling:

  • Task-level – do what you tell them to do.
  • Project-level – solve the problem you tell them to solve (not necessarily do the tasks involved)
  • Line-of-business level – identify and solve the problems for a portion of your business in accordance with your strategy. (In military terms, this would be at the “operational” level)
  • Owner-level – direct the strategy and make sure it gets executed for an entire business.

In a small-business or start up, you want people who can work at or grow into multiple levels (usually from the task level up). It is only at a larger organization level that you want people who work from the “top-down” and aren’t good at the lower levels.

Problems come when people can’t operate at the levels that you need them to (this is most likely your responsibility)


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